Let’s talk about a few things…

First of all – what the hell is goin’ on in Cleveland?  Are these guys for real?  They’ve already had an 8-game winning streak, and now they’ve won 5 in a row, looking for W number 6 today .  They are currently 18-8, recording the best April in their 111 yeah history.  And they just keep rolling on through!  I know it’s only May 1, but if they can continue to play even .500 ball – they stand a good chance at being in the playoffs come October.  You almost can’t help but hope to see it continue, even if it’s not your team, because baseball is never better than when any team is playing so, so well.

Now let’s head west over to Seattle.  Five straight wins – on the road!  They’re still in last place, but if this is any indication of what they are capable of, then they could make waves in the AL East.  Having said that – they’ll have a hard time overtaking the Rangers and Angels.  But for a team who has spent the majority of this decade in the bottom of the standings, making waves might be enough to keep them happy for now.

Down the coast a bit in LA, Andre Eithier is currently enjoying a 26-game hitting streak, hitting safely in 27 of the Dodgers’ 28 games thus far.  Just like with the Indians, I’d love to see this keep going.  They don’t face a pitcher with a winning record until Wed, when they face Carlos Zambrano who has a WHIP of 1.28.  So the odds are in his favor at least for a few more days, and I’ll be watching.

Switching gears here – I heard something this morning while watching highlights that I found a little funny.  They were talking about the Rangers 11-2 win yesterday over Oakland and the team’s success when hitting home runs.  I can’t remember who said this – but he said, “The Rangers are 7-0 when hitting more than 3 home runs in a game!”  7-0, huh?  As in perfect, always a win?  WOW!  How AMAZING!   Wait – WHAT?!  Did you expect them to lose?  If a team hits more than 3 home runs in any 1 game, I would certainly hope that they win the game.  That’s a minimum of 4 runs scored, assuming that each is a solo shot.  Chances are if the opposing team gives up 4+ homers, they’re probably giving up other hits as well, and other runs.  Honestly, I think I’d be a little upset if my team lost a game in which they hit “more than 3 home runs”.  Why do they thing this is some remarkable thing that needs to be celebrated?!  Sometimes I’m amazed at the things that sportscasters say.

By the way – in case you haven’t noticed, Boston is still in the gutter.  In fact – only the White Sox and Twins are worse in the AL.  San Francisco has been struggling a bit, too.  The defending World Series Champs are currently 13-13, in third place behind the Dodgers and Rockies.

Does anyone else get a chuckle at some of the names in the game today?  I’ve always cracked up at Coco Crisp – in fact I always think to myself (or sometimes even say aloud) “I’m coo coo for Coco Crisp!”  Then there’s Milton Bradley.  Did you once enjoy games like Battleship, Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Twister?  Well this Milton Bradley is no child’s toy – but he is affiliated with almost as many brands, having played for 8 teams in his career.  A couple of new names have raised an eyebrow – Darwin Barney and Al Albuquerque (a great name for scrabble).  I just wonder – what were their parents thinking?

Last thing I want to mention – Logan Morrison’s team signed cast is on sale on eBay.  I’m sure it must smell lovely after spending weeks on his unbathed foot.  It currently has 69 bids and is up to $1,136.11.  Hurry up – bidding ends Friday!


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