Let’s all do a rain dance for squeeze week

This week in baseball all 30 teams play on all 7 days, Mon – Sun, a scheduling oddity known as squeeze week.  There are no scheduled off days for any team in either the American or National Leagues.  Honestly, it means nothing to most people.  Fantasy team owners will be happy to know they won’t have any days with empty roster spots, and die hard fans will be thrilled to be able to watch their team every night.  Other than that, it’s meaningless.

It is, however, happening at terrible time, a time when the weather is not cooperating.  This year has been dubbed the year of the pitcher, but it’s also been very much the year of the rain out.  Weather related issues have forced many games to be postponed – 26 so far – and it doesn’t look like it’s going to change any time soon.  Horrible storms and possibly tornadoes are expected to hammer much of the midwest today and tomorrow – reaching as far east as Pennsylvania and as far south as Texas.  Being squeeze week, every team can potentially be affected by this, and with no days off there are less opportunities to make up games before get-away-day.

Rain outs are normal and every year there are plenty, but this season seems to be drowning in them.  So far we’ve had 26, and it’s only the middle of May!  Many of these games have already been replayed, but some teams have double headers scheduled in July and August or have lost a scheduled day off for make up games.  The real problem that we’re facing here is that come September some teams could be forced to bring up a guy from Triple A to pitch in a double header during a pennant race!  How much would that suck?

Total number of rain outs per year:
2007          39
2008          40
2009          37
2010          21
2011*        26
*Through Sunday, May 15

If this doesn’t stop, we may have the first ever Thanksgiving World Series due to a months worth of make up games.  So, I propose a league wide rain dance to chase away these storms so our boys can roll up the tarps and get back to playing ball.