My blog may not be much, but at least it’s about baseball…

As some of you know (and many of you don’t know) I recently applied for a job at MLB that they were calling the “MLB Dream Job”.  Obviously I didn’t get it – as I was competing with approximately 10,000 other people and hardly possess an “encyclopedic knowledge” of the game.  (I knew I was a long shot but just had to apply.)  The job was to consist of residing in NYC and spending a great deal of time in a setup that was conducive to being able to watch every single game throughout the baseball season.  (For those of you who are mathematically challenged – that’s 2,430 games in all.)  Using social media such as facebook and twitter, as well as their own website for the MLB Fan Cave, the Dream Jobbers would then talk about everything baseball.  They would be expected to attend media events, press conferences and other baseball related things, plus have the opportunity to entertain various players and celebrities as they stopped by the “Fan Cave” and write about what they were seeing and experiencing.

Having not gotten the job – I was still excited to see how it all turned out!  I was eager to know more about the guys who had beaten me out for the job I was almost slightly qualified for, and to see exactly what fun stuff they get to experience.  MLB hired two guys – Mike O’Hare, aka Mikey Oh, and as his wingman Ryan Wagner.  Both guys seem to be a good fit for the Fan Cave in Manhattan’s Greenwich Village and held their own while being quizzed extensively about baseball by the MLB Network’s staff.  Their resumes are extensive and their video submissions make mine look like I recruited my 5-year-old niece to direct it.  Mostly though, I was looking forward to having a one-stop-shopping blog that could keep me up to speed with everything baseball, as well as being entertained by their witty style and interesting stories.

So far I have been disappointed.  The blogs have been about a variety of things, some of which only slightly relate to baseball, and many not at all.  Writing about Joe Maddon being ejected from a game is great if the blog talks about the conflict that caused the ejection, or managers who are commonly hot heads and get ejected, or whether or not you agree with ejections – presenting various arguments for and against it, or how a team’s manager being ejected affects the rest of their game…  But instead the blog was nothing more than a mere mention of him being thrown out with a description of how sharp he looked as he argued with the umps.  It did state that his cool and trendy attitude is a good fit for the young Ray’s, but I would have liked an elaboration on how and why his style works so well with his players.

Maybe I have misunderstood the concept.  According to the “About” tab on the MLB Fan Cave’s page – Mikey Oh and Ryan Wagner are supposed to blog about their day-to-day experiences in the fan cave and about…pop culture?  Really??  Because that doesn’t exactly make sense to me.  Let’s put 2 guys in front of 15 screens and make them watch every single baseball game that is played in the 2011 season, up to 15 games a day, and have them talk about Snookie retiring from Pro Wrestling and Harry Potter’s graduation from Hogwarts.  I mean obviously that requires “encyclopedic knowledge” of the game of baseball and obviously you can’t write about those things having not seen every baseball game to date. . .is anyone else confused?

Listen – I know that these guys are as new to this job as this job is to – well – existence.  And I’ve enjoyed some of the blogs on things like stadium foods and tweeting your beer vendor.  But it seems like there should be a larger focus on baseball and less on pop culture.  I, personally, would prefer to read about player analysis, team analysis, even division analysis; who’s hot and who’s not, bloopers and big plays, fantasy impact on the rise and fall. . .I want to read about what is currently going on in baseball!  Is that so much to ask from a couple of guys who are living the dream and being paid to do nothing but watch the games and hang out with the players?!  Because honestly, from what I’ve read – I’m over-qualified for that job.


One Comment on “My blog may not be much, but at least it’s about baseball…”

  1. Tiss says:

    I will say – they’ve been writing more posts lately that are baseball related 🙂 Check them out!

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